What It Really Takes to Win at Pro Sports

Growing up I knew a guy who was strong as an ox. He did not play sports or have a tough job. He was just naturally strong. This was when I started considering genetics and how they can be of benefit or detriment when it came to a desire to play professional sports. The guy was strong, but he did not have endurance. He had that explosive strength to lift or crush something, but could not sustain the energy output. This is why I go for Denver strength training now that I am a professional athlete.

In playing my sport I have never worried about another contender being better than me. I have learned to play up my own strengths and even get better where I am weak. I have learned to use the weaknesses of other players against them as well as being able to manipulate their strengths to my benefit. Old Ali’s approach to taking hits to rest while the other guy is wearing himself out with all his strength is an example. At the Denver strength training facility I go to I learn how to be stronger but not gas out. (more…)

I Am Living the Life in Dallas

When I decided to look for a better place to live, I went online to see if I could find some kind of apartment finder for Dallas. I knew that there had to be a better place, though truth be told, just about any place would be better than the apartment I had. I did not have a good job when I got it, so I definitely had to get something cheap. I have a good job now though, which is why I wanted something a whole lot nicer. That is what I found too when I went online to do my search.

The apartment that I found is simply gorgeous, and that is even when it is empty! The rooms are just so much bigger, and the closet space is crazy. I could fit all three closets that I had at my old apartment into the walk in closet in my bedroom now, and still have room left over. There is even additional storage outside, so I am able to finally buy more decorations for the different holidays now that I have a place to store all of them.

The apartment comes with so many things too. (more…)